AmalfiCoastHolidayExperiences is highly qualified in organizing excursions in the entire sorrentine area. We organizes excursions to the following sites:

Amalfi Coast:Driving from Sorrento we will cross the mountain to get on the other side of the peninsula where we will reach the Amalfi Coast road that is very narrow and winding with plenty of stops for photos of breathtaking sceneries. You will see a series of little villages on the way such as Praiano, Furore,Conca dei Marini and so on… 

You will first stop to Positano and have the opportunity to take a beautiful picture of this amazing village from the top. Here you will have the chance to reach the center of the town through the pedestrian area. 

Next stop will be Amalfi splendid town that was one of maritime republic, very unique town with the 11th century cathedral of St. Andrew right in the main square. Here you will have some time to stroll through the town. 

Another stop will be Ravello, probably the most beautiful place of the Amalfi Coast, that has long been a retreat for artists and writers, with its breathtaking views of the bay.

The Tour takes about 8 hours.

Pompeii & Herculaneum : Enjoy a full day tour to Pompeii and Herculaneum with a panoramic visit of the city , and the excavations . The tragedy of the eruption made lots of victims but preserved intact the towns around the volcano.

Pompeii is interesting and amazing with the the Vesuvius , it wraps and stands above the Gulf of Naples, this is the best tour for archeology lovers!

Visit the ruins is like to live the advanced life style in which the Romans used to live during the I Century AD. Visiting the two sites means to have a full immersion back to the Roman times. The thousands of examples of graffiti found on the town’s walls are unmistakable proof of what the romans people thought. Really a great experience! 

The Tour takes about 8 hours!!!

Capri: With the blue grotto and its blue waters it is doubtless a place not to miss during a stay in theSorrento area.

The main center of Capri better known as La Piazzetta you will take part in the true lifestyle of Capri. Here many celebrities have been known to enjoy a cafe. 

From the Piazzetta we make our way past the high end stores, pastry shops and hotels towards theGarden of Augustus, beautiful garden with views of Faraglioni.

On the highest point of Capri there is AnaCapri the home of Mount Solaro, reach from the chairlift out of Piazza Vittoria, where you will enjoy the views of the Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius, Sorrento and all other surrounding landmarks!

Free time is also available in to enjoy lunch, shopping, limoncello and so on!

The Tour takes about 8 hours!!!

Naples: This tour introduces you to some of Naples best kept secrets, including castles, old church, dating as far back as the 13th century, an underground tunnel built by order of Ferdinand II of Bourbon and the most monumental square of the city. 

Your first view of the city takes you back to the 13th century with the Castle Nuovo, a grim and gloomy fortress that served as the residence of the kings of Anjou, Aragon, and the Spanish Viceroys. Continuing along the Naples seaside, you’ll see the famous Castle of the Egg in Santa Lucia - with its spectacular waterfront views. 

At the end of your walk through the tunnel, you’ll arrive in Piazza Plebiscito, a noble semicircular piazza, undoubtedly the most famous square in Naples. 

Enjoy a classic Margherita pizza and some free time!!!

AmalfiCoastHolidayExperiences can also arrange on request any other kind of excursion with or without a local guide.

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