The variety of the territory draws for years lovers of outdoor excursions, they choose The Amalfi Coast, above all Positano, for the sensations that only these rare and special places can give.

You will be able to explore places rich in history, surrounded by a fertile and generous nature. They are half-day quite stroll in full contact with nature.

Each tour is dealt by an expert local guide who, besides knowing the territory, will tell you the stories of those magical places.

Perhaps the most popular trekking along the Amalfi Coast are the Path of the Gods & Santa Maria del Castello.

Path of the Gods

A walk that recalls the incredible landscapes of Greek mythology. The route starts at Bomerano (Agerola) and continues along the beautiful path surrounded by typical Mediterranean nature. The local guide, will show you the relationship between plants and people (how local people used and still use plants for medications and food), telling stories and folk legends of the place.

You will stop along the way to admire and photograph the beautiful landscapes.The tour lasts 3 hrs and includes a visit at a dairy and a lunch break (picnic)

Santa Maria del Castello

Is a village strategically located between Positano and the Sorrentine Peninsula. During the 9th century it was not only a crossing point for goods but also a defending point against the Duchy of Amalfi. It is said that it was a refuge for those who wanted to escape epidemics that occurred during the 17th century.


Starting from Positano, after about two hours we arrive in this beautiful mountain village, overlooking the Mediterranean waters so dear to Greeks, Romans and modern tourists. The country still retains the charm of yesteryear, with houses surrounded by large cultivated areas and a small church that, with the sound of its bells, reminds the hours to farmers at work.

The walking has the total duration of 5 hours and includes lunch. A local guide will show you the typical plants of the Mediterranean area through the trails that were once used to connect the sea and mountains. Why not spend a wonderful day and relax, surrounded by nature and far from city chaos?

On request we also organize a longer trekking, running from Positano and crosses, after a stop in Santa Maria del Castello, the Sorrento Peninsula. 


For prices and availability, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Exploring the mountains of the Amalfi Coast.